Congreso Fotografia Larga Exposicion Ares 4.0

Congreso Fotografia Larga Exposicion Ares 4.0

Congreso Fotografia Larga Exposicion Ares 4.0

Last weekend Light Painting Paradise travelled to Ares in Galicia to take part in the fourth edition of this fantastic conference, which continues to grow year by year.  The Ares Long Exposure Photography Conference takes place in the Monastery of Santa Catalina in Galicia – an unbeatable location situated in a perfect environment for practicing long exposure photography.


There was no way that Light Painting Paradise was going to miss this opportunity, and thus we found ourselves there with our stand, showing off all our exclusive products as well as flashlights from Maglite and LED Lenser and tripods and camera bags from Vanguard – all at exclusive prices for the conference attendees.

Our trip began on Thursday evening, after a long trip, when we reunited with a number of light painting colleagues – both old and new – for a bite to eat

Congreso Fotografia Larga Exposicion Ares 4.0

Light Painting Paradise Plexy Shape . A great gift from our ambassador Tom Hill.


As is always the case, once we’d been well fed and set ourselves up in the monastery, we could not resist the opportunity to play with some of our tools and what had been supposed to be a night of rest ended up lasting nearly until dawn – as is pretty much always the case in the world of light painting!

On Friday morning, the conference attendees started to arrive and the atmosphere of the conference really started to come alive with the courtyard of the monastery full of new and old friends hugging, chatting and laughing together.  The isolation of the monastery and the fact that everyone stays in the same place really gives this conference something special and makes all the attendees feel like they are part of one light painting family.

After a fantastic meal for the speakers and sponsors in Ferrol, and a few coffees to wake ourselves back up again, we returned to the monastery with batteries fully charged to prepare the Light Painting Paradise stand next to the other vendors: FotoRuano, Carles Domenech, Dual LED Stick and Lucroit.  With all our products organised and the special discounts for the conference attendees laid out, we were ready to start and the mayor, the organisers of the event and the Ferrol Photographic Society inaugurated the conference and fired the starting pistol on what was to be an intense weekend of photography.



Friday was the turn of “the light of the stars” –  5 high quality speakers on the subject of astrophotography and nocturnal landscapes: Nestor Rodán, Marta F. Escobar, Oscar Blanco, Paulino Gasalla and Domingo Pestana shared their knowledge on a wide range of subjects.  After the talks, we all enjoyed a delicious meal together before heading out for some practical workshops amongst the dark skies of Galicia.  At the end of a long day, we all headed to bed happy and content to recharge our batteries ready for the next day.



On Saturday morning it was time for a lot more coffee!  Today was all about light painting – “the light of the imagination” – and for that, we needed to be on top of our game and be ready to help and answer any questions the attendees might have.

After a quick walk around the monastery’s surroundings and a visit to the abandoned defence battery to enjoy the magnificent views of the surroundings it provides, we returned to the monastery to eat.  The members of the Ferrol Photographic Society had prepared an immense barbecue of pork ribs and sausages for the entire conference and we all ate together in the great hall – a truly special experience.

After a brief break to digest, it was time for the light painting talks from 5 high quality artists, both nationally and internationally: YHD Photography, Ladies of the Light, Carles Calero, Tom Hill and Dario Cuesta blew the attendees away with their work and live demonstrations. Light Painting Paradise couldn’t be prouder to be able to count two of the conference speakers as our ambassadors.

During the conference breaks many attendees took time out to visit our stall and chat to us – interested in all our products and looking for new material for their photos and we were there to advise and resolve all sorts of doubts. We couldn’t be more grateful for all the support we received during these two days.     

Later, whilst we were enjoying dinner, several prize draws were held to give away prizes provided by the various sponsors.  Light Painting Paradise contributed two prizes, consisting of an adapter, an accessory of choice and our colour filters and we can’t wait to see what the winners create with our tools.

At the end of the presentations, Riders of Light had set up their photobooth to provide the attendees with a fantastic light painted portrait as a memory of their time in Galicia and YHD Photography surprised us all with a video mapping projected directly onto the walls of the monastery and mixing both photos from the attendees and live light painting.

With everything finished, there was nothing left to do on Sunday except pack up, rest and with great sadness leave Galicia behind us until the 5th edition next year.  Last but not least, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the entire team behind this fantastic conference and to all who made it possible and made us feel so at home.

Galicia, you have been fantastic.  Until next year!

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