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After several years designing and manufacturing Light painting tools, we wanted to take the next step and make our products more accessible to all fans and professionals of this art form through a set of trusted distributors, all with years of experience. in the photography sector.


C/ Route Nationale, 31

45130 Saint-Ay – FRANCE

Tel. :+33 02 38 49 34 95


C/ Ripoche, 24

35007 Las Palmas de G.C – ESPAÑA

Tel. :+34 609004330 – 928275160


Plaza de Manuel Becerra, 18

28028  Madrid – ESPAÑA

Tel. : 913096858 – Fax: 913091751


C/ Rda. Universitat, 25

08007 Barcelona – ESPAÑA

Tel. :902 19 77 16 – 93 301 37 38

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From July 26th to August 1st we will be away from our usual address, so shipments may suffer a small delay. Pologies for any inconvenience caused.