Light Painting Paradise was lucky enough to enjoy a visit from internationally recognized light painter Denis Smith during the last weekend in September. 


Denis Smith España

This fantastic Australian photographer who specializes in creating perfect light orbs and creating light paintings in the water, known respectively as his “Ball of Light” and “Liquid Lights” series, delighted and captivated everyone during his free masterclass and the workshop that Light Painting Paradise had the pleasure of organizing.


Through his incredible dexterity in creating balls of light, his fantastic light painting photographs created in impressive landscapes and, more than anything, his positive attitude and boundless energy, Denis blew away everyone who was lucky enough to attend one of his workshops.



First, on Friday 27th September we were able to enjoy a free masterclass from Denis Smith which took place in Fotocasión, Madrid, with the assistance of Olympus who had also brought a few little surprises for the attendees.


Denis talked to us about his life story, his travels and experiences and captivated us with every photo that he showed.  At the end of his chat he took time out to create light painting portraits for the attendees, all of whom who had been fully engaged throughout the workshop – never hesitating to get involved, ask questions, chat to him or make sure to get a ‘selfie’ together.  For the attendees it was a rare chance to be able to get to know one of the leading lights of light painting up close.

The following day, the 28th of September, we had a long day ahead of us thanks to Denis Smith’s planned workshop in Rascafría, Madrid.

We started off the day eating together in a local restaurant in the region, whilst Denis explained to the workshop participants what the workshop would consist of and tried to make sure that they would all get the most out of the experience and come away with great photographs they could be proud of.


SPOILER ALERT: He Most Certainly Succeeded!

Once we had finished eating, we headed to the location where we were going to hold the workshop – a beautiful spot known as “The Finnish Wood” with a small lake where we could play around with reflections and Denis could show us his “Liquid Lights”.

Light Painting Paradise, Frodo Alvarez and Iris Shyroii we in attendance at all times, providing tools that the participants could borrow, helping out with translation duties and lending a hand whenever and wherever it was needed.

After the necessary theory had been covered, it was time for the practical part.  Let’s play!!



Despite the low temperatures both in the water and out of it Denis Smith, with his boundless energy, didn’t hesitate to jump in the lake and demonstrate his “Liquid Lights” technique.  We weren’t quite as brave and stayed safely on dry land, watching his energetic movements in comfort!


After Denis had finished his demonstrations in the water, both he and Frodo Alvarez created some light painted portraits of the participants and then let them loose with their tools to create their own photos – practicing how to create light orbs, enjoying themselves like kids in a sweet shop and coming away with some fantastic photos.




Nothing makes us prouder than seeing people enjoying light painting together in this way – for us, light painting is our passion and we want the whole world to know about this fantastic art form.

Thank you Dennis for a fantastic few days!

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