After many years working alongside a number of prestigious brands in the world of photography we have decided to widen our partnership agreements in order to continue to offer benefits to our clients through a range of attractive partnership discounts.

International leader in the manufacture of backpacks and tripods – allowing you to work safely in the knowledge that your camera equipment will be secure and perfectly protected.

20% discount available on all ítems excluding ítems already on sale.

Discount code: “LPPVANGUARD

The Japanese brand offers what is possibly one of the most useful tools for light painting thanks to their Live Composite system which is incorporated into their OM-D range of cameras and which allow you to view the development of your light paintings in real time, amongst other benefits.


10% extra sobre ofertas vigentes en gama OM-D y M.Zuiko

Code valid from 01 July to 31 July 2020



Internationally recognized as a manufacturer of quality photographic filters and filter holders which allow professional results to be obtained in daytime long exposures and landscape photography.

10% discount available on all items excluding kits and items that are already on sale.

Discount code:  “LPP Lucroit

Prestigious German flashlight brand offering a wide range of flashlights and head torches with a 7 year warranty that are a favourite with many light painters.

10% discount available on all items excluding items that are already on sale.

Discount code: “LPP LED

These easily portable lighting cubes with bluetooth control allow you to set up fixed lights when dealing with background illumination in light painting, but can also support you when working with video work, in your day to day photography or with drones and smartphones.


10% discount on all Lume Cube


Discount code: “LPP LC

FSpanish manufacturer of flashlight hoods (or “snoods”) and 3d printed accessories for light painting.


10% discount on all products in the “light painting accessories” category. Cannot be combined with other discounts.

Discount code: “LPP CD