Light Up Berlín 2019

Light Up Berlín 2019

On the 5th of October this year a new event all about light painting, this art form which we all love so much, was held in Berlin – Light Up Berlin 2019.


At Light Painting Paradise we like to attend as many events as we can, supporting the artists during their workshops, showing off our products and advising the attendees.  However, what we like most of all is the fun and laughter we get to experience, spending time with good friends and some amazing light artists – the light painting community is really just a big family.


The event itself ended up being a few intense days, with a lot of activities going on and not much sleep.  Sleeping is for the weak and we had come to work and to enjoy the experience to the max!


The first day in Berlin, once we had met up with our fellow light painters we went for a brief stroll about Berlin and to enjoy some great “kartoffel” along with the odd beer. 

The trip had only just started and already we couldn’t have been happier to be back surrounded with so many artists we admire.


The next day we met back up with Denis Smith and Rob Turney in Malzfabrik, an ancient malt factory where they were going to hold their workshop, organised by Sven Gerard from Lichtkunstfoto and with with the support of Light Painting Paradise who had brought along their tools so the workshop participants could work with them throughout the afternoon.



After the workshop was finished, Mafu had invited us to his studio, where he had organised a great party for all the artists to meet up.  There we were able to enjoy some great music, light painting, games, great company and a lot of laughter. 

The night went by in a blur and in no time we had to start getting ready for the following day – the Light Up Berlin event itself!

The morning of October 5th, after a seriously late night and a lot of coffee to recover, we all headed over to Monopol, a collection of buildings which used to be part of an old distillery and was now going to be used as the venue for Light Up Berlin.

This fantastic event had succeeded in bringing together artists from all corners of the globe: The United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Australia, The United States, Finland, Spain, Bulgaria and more.

They had also put together a wide ranging event, where we could enjoy lots of activities provided by internationally recognized artists: lectures, workshops, photo booths, photo exhibitions, performances and giveaways – Light Up Berlin had it all.  It was basically impossible to be bored – wherever you were here was always something interesting to do and a lot to learn.

The main building was the point at which everyone met up and the location where the lectures and performances were held, and was also the locations where the various stands of light painting products had been set up.  We were there too, of course, with all our range of products, ready and waiting to explain more about them to the people attending the event.  Thanks to everyone who took time to come and visit us at our stand and say hello!

The workshops themselves took place in the building known as the Casino as well as the three enormous bunkers, incredible spaces for photography with some really interesting structures.  The workshop themes were extremely varied with everything from portraits, kaleidoscopes, bodypainting and levitation – covering the wide spectrum of possibilities available in light painting to make sure there was something for everyone.

The photo booth location was also always full of light painters working together and the participants took full advantage of being able to have their portrait created by some of the finest light painting talents in the world.


Finally, once all the workshops had ended there was a raffle where a number of the companies supporting the event (including Light Painting Paradise of course) provided prizes for the winning participants.  Light Up Berlin also kindly provided a thank you parcel to all the companies and artists supporting the event, consisting of a Light Up Berlin 2019 t-shirt and a special edition acrylic tool.

At the end of the event, and with great sadness, we had to say goodbye to friends, both new and old, and pack up all our gear.  Light Up Berlin was truly an incredible experience and we feel very fortunate to have been able to be part of such a special event, surrounded by great friends and artists.

You can see more photos from the event here…

We already want to return and can’t wait for the next instalment of Light Up Berlin!



Last, but definitely not least, we want to give massive congratulations to the entire organisation of Light Up Berlin:  Sven Gerard, Gunar Heilmann, Marla Singer, Erik and all the team for their hard work.  You’ve put together an incredible event and more than that, you made us all feel totally at home in a foreign city. Thanks a lot to all of you!


Until the next Light Up Berlin!


Photos :  Iris Cebrián & Ivan Barco


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