LightPainting Paradise “Xmas Lights” Competition 2019

LightPainting Paradise “Xmas Lights” Competition 2019

LightPainting Paradise “Xmas Lights” Competition 2019


Participate in our special “XMAS LIGHTS” competition and you will be in with a chance of winning one of these 3 prizes, created especially for the occasion.





FIRST PRIZE: Valued at 637€:

Olympus TG6 Camera, round adaptor, rectangular adaptor, Plexy Rod (Linear), Plexy Shape (Diablo), round and rectangular color filters for the adaptors, flashlight filter holder and color filters. 

SECOND PRIZE: Valued at 380 €: 

LED LENSER MT18, filter holder and color filters for the MT18, round adaptor and round color filters, black fibre optic brush and 5mm round fibre optic.

THIRD PRIZE: Valued at 102€: 

Awarded by popular vote and consisting of: 1 adaptor, 2 Plexy Shapes (Rectangular and Thunderbolt) and rectangular color filters. 

On top of all this, the winning photo will be used as the Banner Photo for our website and Facebook page during the Christmas celebrations and will be used as the Christmas Greeting that will be sent out to all our clients and friends.


In order to take part in the competition it is essential:


  • To send us a LIGHTPAINTING photo based on a Christmas-y theme in horizontal format by private message to our Facebook and / or Instagram account before December 19th @ 23:59 (UTC+1).
  • Follow the LightPainting Paradise page on Facebook
  • Share the LightPainting Paradise competition post as a public post, tagging 3 friends on each of the social media channels you have used to send your photo. 




  • The photos must not have a signature or watermark.
  • Participants can send up to 2 photos each.  You can send us the same photo to both our Instagram and Facebook account.
  • The same photo cannot be sent by more than one person / group.
  • You cannot submit photos which have previously been submitted to other LightPainting Paradise competitions.
  • The participant must be the owner / author of the photo and must get permission of any models involved in the shot.
  • We allow basic adjustments (saturation, contrast, brightness, up to 15% cropping) 
  • Digital creations, photo montages and stacking of photos in Photoshop or similar programs is not permitted.
  • We allow photos created using Live Composite.
  • We allow photos in both color and black and white.
  • In case of any doubt, during the selection process we reserve the right to request the original RAW file to ensure the authenticity of the original image.
  • Any submission not meeting these criteria will be automatically disqualified..
  • LightPainting Paradise ambassadors and winners of previous competitions are not permitted to participate in this competition.
  • The owner of the photo will retain all rights as author and will be mentioned / tagged anywhere the photo is used. 
  • LightPainting Paradise will retain no rights to use the photos submitted except in relation to this competition


The jury will base their decision on various aspects of the submitted images: theme, originality, creativity, composition and technique.

The winners of the FIRST and SECOND PRIZES will be selected by a jury made up of internationally recognized light painters and ambassadors of LightPainting Paradise.

THE THIRD PRIZE will be decided by popular vote.  In the case where the same photo has been submitted to both Instagram and Facebook, the votes from both platforms will be added together to decide the third prize winner.  As such, if you submit your photo and share our competition on both platforms you will have a stronger chance of winning.

The winning entries will be announced on the 22nd December.  LightPainting Paradise will get in touch with the winning entrants by private message to get hold of the details necessary to send your prize.

Good luck to all.  Get out there and start light painting

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