Accesory Kit by Carles Calero



The Accessory Kit  contains all of our by Carles Calero series of accessories, allowing you to combine any of our Plexy Rods, Plexy Tubes, Plexy Shapes and Fibre Optics together to create an almost infinite number of combinations and effects, particularly when combined with our round colour filters.


Made from a high quality, flexible, transparent material which allows a smooth colour blend at the join between the tools.


Tested by our team of internationally recognized LightPainters.



The kit is made up of


  • Tube Connector (27 x 50mm). This connector is designed to allow you to connect any of our Plexy Tubes or Plexy Rods together, complete with the ability to embed one of our round color filters.


  • Plexy / Tube Connector (29 x 54mm). This connector is designed to allow you to connect any of our Plexy Shapes to any Plexy Tube or Plexy Rod.


  • Ball Accessory (50 x 40mm). The ball accessory can be mounted on the end of any our Plexy Tubes or Plexy Rods and combined with our round color filters to change the look of the light trails created.


  • DIY Accessory (15 x 30mm). This accessory is designed to allow you to connect any other tools to the end of our Plexy Rods or Plexy Tubes. Feathers, Sparklers, Tinsel – the possibilities are endless


All our connectors are made from a flexible transparent material which conducts light to create a smooth join between the tools used.

Additional Information
Weight0,100 kg
Dimensions20 × 15 × 5 cm
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