Rectangular Starter Kit


This starter kit is perfect for those light painters who are starting out and who already have a flashlight with a head diameter between 20mm and 38.5mm (we would recommend one with more than 400 lumens and with a strobe mode available).


The kit is made up of the Flat adapter, rectangular filters and 1 Plexy Shape of you choice.


You’ll be surprised by the wide range of effects you can create with only one light painting tool and a variety of colour filters.

Portraits, wings and orbs are just some of the effects possible with this kit.



This adaptor can be used to connect any of our Plexy Shapes to the flashlight. Allows the use of different models of flashlight and for the plexy shape to be changed easily.



4mm thick Plexiglass shapes, laser cut for accuracy and perfectly protected with a cover to avoid scratches.

Available in 7 different shapes: Ice Cream Balls, Italian Horn, Diablo, Thunderbolt, Rectangular, Round and Diamond.



Lee PAR 64 color filters: 1.9cm x 6cm

12 different colours: Cosmetic Silver, Cosmetic rouge, yellow, Orange, Primary Red, Bright Pink, Malva, Light Blue, Peacock Blue, Deep Blue, Primary Green, Fern Green.

Kit contains two units of each colour.

Additional Information
Weight0,350 kg
Dimensions25 × 20 × 3 cm
Plexy Shape

Round, Rectangular, Diablo, Diamond, Thunderbolt, Horn, Ice Cream Balls

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