Ryu’s KIT

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This kit is ideal both for those just starting their light painting journey and who want reliable equipment and also for more experienced and demanding light painters who are looking for ergonomics and total control.


The kit is made up of 1 Lightpainters Ryu’s Lightworks flashlight, 1 All In One Adaptor by Carles Calero, 1 filter holder for the Lightpainter Ryu’s Lightworks and 1 round colour filters for the adaptor.


With this kit, the only thing you have to worry about is what accessories you want to use and how you want to combine them to create eye-catching and unique artworks.



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The Lightpainter Ryu’s Lightworks flashlight is especially designed for light painters, by light painters. High intensity (up to 1200 lumens thanks to its Cree XPL-HI LED) and massive flexibility: 8 brightness levels, 3 different strobe modes, flash mode and IPX8 water protection and mode memory for any of the settings.


The All in One Adaptor by Carles Calero is designed to work perfectly with the Lightpainter Ryu’s Lightworks flashlight.


Can be used to connect all our accessories (fibre optics, Plexy Shapes, Plexy Tubes and Plexy Rods) in a way which is secure but still provides access to the side button for momentary usage.


-The filter holder for the Lightpainter Ryu’s Lightworks flashlight was created to function perfectly with our round colour filters for adaptors.


-13 acrylic colour filters in the following colours: Mango, Lime, Sunrise, Earth, Orange, Red, Pink, Fuchsia, Purple, Navy, Turquoise and Green.

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