Plexy Kit


The Plexy Kit includes:

-4 different Plexy Shapes: Plexy Shape Rectangular, Plexy Shape Diamond, Plexy Shape Round and Plexy Shape Italian Horn.

-2 different types of Plexy Rod: Plex Rod Bubbles and Plexy Rod Transparent.


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All Plexy Shapes come in a velvet bag to protect them from scratches.  Plexy Rods are protected in PMMA tubes.

Plexy Shape Dimensions: Rectangular-27 x 7.5 cm, Round-22.5 x 21 cm, Lightning 27 x 8 cm, Italian Horn-27 x 7 cm,

Plexy Rod Dimensions: 40 x 2 cm.

All our Plexy Shapes and Plexy Rods are designed to work perfectly with our Flat and Round Adapters (Not Included).

Thanks to our exclusive design, both the Plexy Shapes and Plexy Rods can also be combined with either our flat or round color filters for a great range of colors


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Weight0,900 kg
Dimensions35 × 25 × 10 cm
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