”Spring Lights” Light Painting Paradise Competition 2019

”Spring Lights” Light Painting Paradise Competition 2019

”Spring Lights” Light Painting Paradise Competition 2019


Take part in our special “Spring Lights” competition and you could win a Light Painting Paradise kit created especially for this occasion.


The winning photo will be used as the banner image for our Facebook page.


The ”Spring Lights” Light Painting Paradise Competition 2019 prize will consist of: Led Lenser MT14 , 2 Adaptors Kit, 1 Plexy Shape (thunderbolt), 1 Plexy Rod (lineal) , 1 Square Fiber, a T-Shirt and both the round and rectangular color filters.


To qualify for the prize you must:
  • Like the Facebook and/or Instagram page for Light Painting Paradise
  • Send us a light painting photo with a spring theme to our e-mail : redes@lightpaintingparadise.com , before the 26th of May at 00 hrs (UTC + 1)
  • Participants can send up to 2 photos per person / group
  • The same photo cannot be uploaded by more than one person / group
  • The person submitting the photo must be the author of the photo and must obtain permission to use the photo from any people shown in the photo.
  • Minor adjustments to the photo are allowed (saturation, contrast, brightness, cropping, etc)
  • Use of Live Composite (or similar technologies) is allowed
  • Significant retouching is not allowed (cloning, photo montages, layering photos, etc)
  • In case of any doubt we reserve the right to request the original RAW file in order to check the authenticity of the final result.
  • Any photo which does not meet these requirements will be automatically disqualified
  • The winner will be chosen by an international jury composed of light painting paradise ambassadors.


We will announce the winner of the prize on the 1st of June . The winner will then be contacted by direct message to request their details so we can send them their prize. The winner should upload / send a photo with the prize when received and tag #Lightpaintingparadise



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