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Stephen Knight



My name is Stephen Knight, a light painter based in Brisbane, Queensland in Australia.

I am in my early 40s, and work in healthcare. As well as photography, I’m also a rollercoaster fanatic

How did you get started in light painting?

I became interested in URBEX photography in 2014, and through that I developed in interest in illuminating the locations I was exploring. As I became less interested in URBEX photography, this illumination style of light painting evolved into creating light trails and light drawings

What do you like most about lightpainting?

I love thinking up new ideas, and then going out and creating them. 

And least?

Mosquitos are a big problem for around half a year. They eat me alive!

What has been your biggest photographic challenge or the photo which was hardest for you to acheive?

Some of my early URBEX photos were in quite tricky locations to access. I look back, and think I was a bit crazy! Light painting in -20C in Finland was also a bit different for an Australian

Which photographers, light painters and / or other artists have influenced you? 

I was initially influenced by some local URBEX photographers including DeScent/Darkday and Sven/Metawaffle. Then as my light painting started to develop I was inspired by light painters such as Denis Smith, Jason D Page, and David Gilliver. Since then I have taken an interest in a wide range of styles by lots of different light painters.

Which 3 tools do you always take with you?

I usually plan ahead for a night of light painting, and just take the tools that I think I will need. At the moment I find that I am using the Light Painting Paradise 10mm Fiber Optic and Plexi Rods, Light Excursion RGB lights, Thorfire TK15 flashlights, and the modded Ryuslightworks V2 flashlight on most of my photo shoots. Thats more than 3!!!

What equipment do you tend to use?

Until recently I used a Nikon D3300 and a kit lens for most of my photography. As I’m now doing more portrait photography, I recently replaced my kit with a Sony A6400 and a set of lenses including 16mm and 30mm Sigma f/1.4 lenses. I have an interest in flashlight/torches and have a very large collection of them. I also have a large range of light paintings tools from various manufacturers including Light Painting Paradise.

What, or with whom, would you like to shoot?

The list is very long, but there are lots of British Light Painters I would love to light paint with.

Where would you most like to be able to do a light painting session?

I really liked light painting in ruined castles in England, so I think I would like to do more light painting around ruins and interesting structures.

What advice would you give to new light painters?

I would advise carefully choosing a small set of torches and tools that can cover as many of your initial needs as possible. See where your interests develop, and then purchase or build more tools as required to meet your goals. Also, you don’t need expensive cameras to be a good light painter.




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