How it all started.


In 2010, after taking part in a photography course, I discovered light painting.


As soon as I started practicing I came across a major problem; there were no shops where I could buy appropriate tools – only a few shops in China where I couldn’t be confident in the quality of the products and had no idea when I would receive them. Both those issues really bothered me and put me off buying things.


From problem to solution.


Due to the shortage of professional tools and given that I have always enjoyed DIY I took advantage of my knowledge of electronics and began to build my first tools from scratch.


Over time my fellow light painters, understanding the value of a professionally constructed tool, began to order them from me.


These first few steps led to the idea of creating “Herramientas Light Painting” – a place where any light painting fans could buy everything they needed to practice light painting with confidence of getting a high-quality, tested product and a high level of customer service.


That idea, name and philosophy was the starting point of a projec which, many years later, has evolved into LightPainting Paradise..


Where we are now


Nowadays we are the brand with the greatest number of exclusive products and the most lightweight and flexible light painting system on the market, allowing you to achieve 100% professional results.


We are also the only manufacturer of flashlights designed specifically with light painting in mind..


Moving forwards, we will continue to follow our guiding principles of high quality and great customer service. Every day, we work hard to try to improve our existing range and develop and incorporate innovative new products into our range to make it easier for light painters to achieve the results they are seeking.


One of our principal objectives is to ensure you need to bring the minimum quantity of tools possible (both in terms of size and weight) in order to complete your light painting session. Every light painter we know practically needs a sherpa to bring their kit along, hence our obsession with optimizing size and weight!

All of this is possible thanks to the team that make up LightPainting Paradise.

Iris is responsible for our social networks and making sure that everything works seamlessly on the shop and website. My responsibility is to direct the team, work on new products and look after the customer service for each customer.


Finally, our team of ambassadors give us advice, ideas and test out all of products before they are released to the public to ensure that, by the time they get into your hands, they are the best they can possibly be.


Customer Service Is Key


“Treat others like you would like them to treat you”.

When it comes to our business, our philosophy is to listen, to offer all necessary information and to support every one of our clients with appropriate solutions for their needs.


We want you to feel at home in LightPainting Paradise and be happy with the customer service you receive.


For me, and the rest of the LightPainting Paradise team happy customers is our greatest satisfaction.

Tell us what you need or how we can help you and we will get to work.